Product Tree

Tracing Mode

Tracing Mode allows user to trace multiple items at a time.

  • Select the Product tree Icon from main menu
  • Click on Tracing Mode Icon in the Product Tree Tool Bar Menu(Listed on the left side at the Top of Project’s product tree)
  • The tracing window appears with the Product Tree of the selected Project on both sides.
  • Select the Source and Target items in the Product tree
  • Click on Create Trace button.

Allows to select multiple source and one target or one source and multiple target.

  • Select the Select Relation Type and Comments in the pop-up window

Make sure, the user has permission to trace the work item types. User can check this permission from Admin> Customization> Traceability Setup

The relation gets added successfully between the selected items.

User can see the traced items in the Traceability Tab of the selected Target and Source items.

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