Left Pane

Viewing the Recent Items

The Recent Items option displays the list of items that were recently used on the Orcanos by the users. This helps you remember to look at them later.


  • User can open the list of Recent work items from the Dashboard, Product tree, or Work Items Page

    • On the left side navigate Pane, go to the bottom
    • Click Recent Icon

    The List of all Recent items from all the projects/solution gets listed in the Grid

    The Grid shows the following information

    • Actions: Remove and Locate in Product tree Icon
      • Remove: Remove the item from the recent item’s list.
      • Locate in Product tree: Opens the work item in the Product tree
    • Key: The Work Item ID and code which is hyperlinked
    • Project: The Project/Solution name along with the version
    • Name: The work item’s name
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