Document Control

Document Control

A document management system with Esign

Orcanos document control enables scanning, storage, retrieval, sharing, tracking, revision, e-signing and distribution of documents and hence information and data they contain.

In order to achieve document control, a method has to be maintained. The main idea is to provide control over the documents under the quality management system and to eliminate any confusions and mixups of different documents from different sources. This method must be one of the organization’s quality procedures.

By using the Orcanos Document Management System we can conduct a workflow for the document approval. It also helps in document revisions as well as logging history. It also helps you to perform search operation, sign documents, archive documents, backup or restoring documents. It also provides you the ability to access the documents from any workstation. All these functions help the organization to save cost as well as time and also improve efficiency. DMS also improves synchronization between processes and people.

The DMS module in Orcanos comprises the following:

  • DMS Workspace
    • DMS Folder
      • DMS Item
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