Document Control

Routing States

There are different routing states defined in Orcanos which a document/record goes through when the routing process starts.


When a new routing process is started for the document, by default the routing state is “Draft”.

In work

When the routing process is started and the process is assigned to the document/record, the routing state is changed to “In Work”. The documents in this state cannot be deleted nor modified. A copy of the work item is created in the History tab and a tag based on the revision number that is going into the routing process is created.


This indicates that the document has been verified by the participants in the routing process and is ready to be used.


This indicates that the document is no longer used or is out of date. The document automatically becomes obsolete when the latest version of the document is approved.


This indicates that the routing process is aborted. When a document is rejected, as per the 21CFR part 11 standard the reason for rejection should be entered in the Comments field. When the document is rejected the next person if any, to sign the document does not receive any email.


This indicates that the routing process is aborted. The cancel reason should be entered when the routing process is canceled. Every person in that routing process will receive the cancel mail.


Routing State Flow Chart

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