Test Execution

Edit Test Run Data


This feature enables the user to edit the test run data after the execution is completed as sometimes there might be some minor mistakes that needs to be fixed when found after execution so this is going to be helpful in doing so.


To edit test run data, the user needs to set the Group Permission

  • Select the Group > Work Item Permissions tab
  • Select the Checkbox for Edit Test Run Data for the Execution Set work item
  • Select the Execution Set History tab for the Execution Set work item
  • In the Actions column, user can see Edit (Pencil) icon corresponding to the execution run
  • Click on Edit Icon
  • Re-run window gets opened with the prefilled values
  • Run Version, Run Parameters & Actual Results are editable
  • Edit the detail and click on End Process button. Run details are updated in Run History and also in Execution Set History Tab
  • In the history of Test case, the comment gets recorded as ‘Test Edited (ReRun) Execution Set : Exec Set XXX (EXEC_SET_ID) Run Name : RUN_XX_XX_XX_XX‘ format.

No Edit Icon is displayed for the Test cases in No Run Status

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