Test Execution

Test Run History – Basic Terminology and Concept

Before talking about Testing – lets get familiar with the basic terminology:

  1. Test Case – a work item with steps
  2. Test Case Status – Is a Test Case attribute to represent the test case status flow (for example: New, In Edit Process, Ready for Test)
  3. Test Run – Is a single and specific instance of a Test Case being executed. Identified by the Test Case id, run ID, run name, ran by
  4. Execution Run Status – the result of executed test in specified execution set. Available values : Fail, Pass, No Run, Fail (Stop), Skip, Not Completed, Not in execution
  5. Last Test Run Status – the last run status of the test case in any execution set.
  6. Execution Set – a work item, that functions as a collection of Test Cases with a common potential topic. [for example: Sanity vs Unit Tests]
  7. Test Execution Set Status – Is a Test Execution Set attribute. Stands for the Test Execution Set status flow. Example for possible values : Open, In Testing, Done
  8. Execution Set Group – a work item that functions as a collection of Execution Sets with a common potential topic.[for example: testing environment identity]
  9. Test Parameter – a variable that can be assigned a value once test is executed (managed in execution set level). Using parameters can increase the flexibility of your tests by enabling you to run the same test repeatedly with different parameter value each time.

All these entities have one purpose: they improve the ruling and governing over the Testing process. Orcanos provides these tools in order to enable the different organizational management layers to have its critical information for running the process.


Test case run status is derived from the status of the steps as follows:

  • If all steps in NO RUN – No Run
  • If at least one step is PASS and other steps are SKIP or PASS – Pass
  • If some all steps are PASS – Pass
  • If all steps are SKIP – Skip
  • If at least one step is FAIL – Fail/Fail Stop
  • If at least one step is PASS and other are NO RUN – Not Completed


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