Test Execution

Export Actual Results Attachments


Users can Export Actual Results Attachments from more actions for the selected work items. This option allows the user to export the attachments of the executed test cases in zip format.


To export the result attachments, users need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Create any work item (DOCUMENT, T_PLAN & REQ_HD) in Product Tree
  • Add Test Cases with steps under the above-created work item
  • Execute the Test Cases in different versions.
  • Select the above-created work item and open it in View mode
  • Select Export Actual Results Attachments option from More Actions

The zip file gets downloaded on the local system. The ZIP contains 2 files:

  • Actual Results Folder – The Folder having all the attachments including the images which were added during the last test case executions
  • Index.html – File opens in the Browser with the following details:
    • Key: Item Code and Id which is hyperlinked
    • Name: Name of the test case
    • Run Version: Last run version
    • Run Date: Last run date
    • Run Status: Last test run status of the test case
    • Actual Result: Lists the test steps result

If the executed test step has no attachment, then-No Attachment text gets displayed for every such test step in the Actual Results Column.

If the executed test step has an attachment, every attachment or image reference file name is added for every such test step in the Actual Results Column. The Format is as follows: \Actual Results\File name

User can find this option only in DOCUMENT, T_PLAN & REQ_HD Work items.

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