Test Execution

Test Execution


The Execution Set in Orcanos acts as a structured work plan where tests are organized and executed. It accommodates the same test for various objectives such as ATP, Sanity, Functional, Regression, and others, allowing it to be reused across multiple execution sets. This structure not only facilitates test execution but also helps in arranging the tests in their correct execution sequence.

A quick walkthrough

The Execution Set grid is the specific area where test cases are added and executed.


To add test cases to an execution set, click the icon on the bottom right of the screen

This will open a product tree, where you can select a single test or a folder with test cases.

  • Select the test case to be included and click the “Add” icon. This adds the test case to the Execution Set.

Note: The test that is used in more than one Execution Set has an additional tab on the test case work item. User will be able to execute the test directly from the test case work item.

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