Electronic Signature

Electronically Signing a Service Call


The Electronic Signature is basically related to the Routing Process. Process flow for any work item can go from one state to another.

Users can sign any type of work item. here, we will discuss about Service Call.


  • Setup the Routing process and E-Record Signature from Admin> Electronic Signature Section.
  • From Service Calls Listing page, select a service call which needs to be signed.

Note: Make sure the required process flow should be defined for the Service call Work item under Service Center Project in Admin> Project and Solutions> Projects> Service Center> Process Flow tab.


  • Change the Service Call status through a transition of a Routing State defined in E-Records Signature.
  • On Service Call, when the transition which requires the routing process arrives, the Start Routing button is displayed.
  • Click on Start Routing Button
  • On the Service call screen, Sign and Cancel Routing buttons are displayed.
    • Cancel Routing: To cancel the Routing Process, click on Cancel Routing.
    • Sign: To Sign the Service Call, click on Sign. The following fields are displayed on the signing page.
      • Item: Displays the Item name hyperlink.
      • Revision: Displays the revision number of the item.
      • Username: Enter the username which needs to sign the item.
      • Password: Enter the password of the user account.
      • Comments: Enter the comments if any in the field.
      • Approve: Click on the Approve button if the user wants to approve the item.
      • Reject: Click on Reject button if the user wants to reject the item.

Note: Once the routing process is started, a tag is created in the History section.

A record has no revision and the tag is created based on the revision “A” with the revision from the history of the item. The latest revision is created to reflect the changes that were made after the creation of the tag.

Users can see the Cover Letter by click on the Cover letter icon and Process Preview by click on the Preview icon on the Service call detail page on the right above the side of the page.

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