Electronic Signature

How to find which Item requires Signature


Sometimes users want to see a list of items that need to be signed. Users can see these items on the electronic signature page directly with all the details.


Select Electronic Signature Icon from Main Menu. On the Left Side Navigation, Select Wait To Be Signed option

The List displays all the items that are waiting for the Signature. The following details are displayed in the Grid

  • Actions: Displays the Preview Page of the corresponding item by click on the view icon, which has all details about the signing process.
  • Process ID: Displays the routing process ID.
  • Process Name: Displays the routing process name.
  • Key: Displays the item key with a hyperlink to go to the detail page of the item.
  • Item Name: Displays the Item name.
  • DMS Name: Displays the DMS Revision file name which needs to be signed.
  • Need to Sign: Displays the user’s name who needs to sign the item.
  • User Signed: Displays the user’s name who has already signed the item.
  • Order: Displays the order of the signer.
  • Sign Date: Displays the date of which the user signs the item.
  • Sign Status: Displays the status of the signed item (Either Approved or Blank)
  • Project: Displays the name of the project.

Note: DMS Name column shows the name, only if items are DMS, otherwise it will be blank for other work items.


Start Routing from Electronic Signature Module

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