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Fix Image (having external links) Protected Files added in DMS Revision section

If the file has images which are having external links and uploads those files into the DMS revision, shows a Protected button. In such a case, the user needs to fix the file by identifying problematic images and fixing them.


  • Right-click on the file which is having problems and select 7-Zip (Download any Zip software if you don’t have it)
  • A folder gets created with the same name as the document.
  • Open this folder and then select word folder and then select _rels folder
  • Now Open document.xml.rels file in Notepad++ or Mircosoft Edge Browser
  • Select the Plugins > XML tools> Pretty print option (In case user opens the file in Notepad++)

  • The XML data gets displayed like:

  • Search file with TargetMode=”External” and make sure to select Image Type and Target=”cid:…..”

Here we can see 2 external images are there with type image and target=cid.

  • For the selected row, check the id value. Here id= rid46
  • Open the document.xml file under the word folder               
  • Open the File in XML Format using Pretty print option in case user opens the file in Notepad++ or user can open the file directly in Mircosoft Edge Browser
  • Now search rid46 for image code.

  • Collapse image node and check its nearby text (Black Bold Text), like we have selected this text here:
  • Copy this text, search in your document(Original file that you want to add in the DMS Revision), and check which image has along with that text.

  • Save that image locally, remove it from the file and insert it again.
  • Now, try to add it in the DMS Revision section. The Start Routing button gets displayed.
  • In case we still have the Protected button, Repeat the above steps to find the image using the rip value in the document.xml file for other External linked images
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