This REST API gets the item’s view URL.

Method: GET

Input: Authorization: Basic Auth token in the Request Headers 

Get body:

Purpose of Fields given in this API:

Key Value Is Mandatory? Description
ItemId Integer Yes Enter the item id for which you want to get URL like 1792
ItemType String Yes Enter the item type like DEFECT

The item values for which, we want to get URL, we will add those details in the query string in API URL


     "IsSuccess": true,
     "Data": "",
     "Message": "",
     "HttpCode": 200

Orcanos Output class:

IsSuccess: if successful then true else false

Data: Item URL string 

Message: Error message in case IsSuccess is false

HttpCode: Response HttpCode

In all the code samples, AccountURL is your account URL without the web, like your orcanos application URL is a then your AccountURL will be
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