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How to work with Templates in Online Document Generator

Orcanos Online Document Generator requires Template. A Default template with Header and footer with proper styling and numbering has been defined.

User can download that template and customize it as per their requirement, like Adding company logo, company name in Header and Footer and so on.

  1. The template should have a single page
  2. In case you want the specific description/ Image to be displayed at the First Page of the Generated Document. Add them to the selected Root Item’s Description.

For example, User wants to add the Image

Add this Image in the Selected Item’s Description, in this case, add it in the Item Description of REQ_HD-67268

               3. Define the styling for Heading 1,2,3 and so on

  • Select the Home Tab on the Word Document
  • Select the Heading 1 from the Toolbar and select the Option Modify

  • In the Modify Style pop-up, Define the Formatting style and size

  • In the bottom of the pop-up, Mark the checkbox for “Add to the Style gallery” and “Automatic update
  • Select the radio button as “Only in this document
  • Press OK Button
  • Save the document as .dotx file format
  • Upload the new Template and generate the Document
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