New Project Defaults

Process Flow


The Process Flow setup enables you to define a status flow. You can also assign a default assigned user when the status is changed to another state.

Under “Admin > New Project Defaults > Process Flow” you can define the default process flow for each work item. Any changes made here won’t impact existing projects but will serve as the default process flow for new projects. To update existing projects with these changes, you can utilize the Import/Export utility to incorporate the default status into them.


When a user creates any new Project, the default process flow will be taken from the new project defaults process flow.

There are two places where you can define the work item Process Flow:

  • Admin > New Project Defaults > Process Flow: Specify the Process flow for the selected work items whenever you create a new project.
  • Admin > Projects & Solutions > Projects/Solutions > Process Flow Tab: Specify the Process flow for the selected work items for the existing projects.


User can follow below simple steps to define a Status Flow:

  • Select New Project Defaults under Admin and select Process Flow.
  • Select Work item from the work item type drop-down list.
  • Click on the Add Icon to open the Add Process Flow window.
  • Select the status from the “From Status” column and check the corresponding checkbox in the “To Status” column
  • Enter a name for the transition in the “Transition Name” field and optionally select an Auto Assign Value from the drop-down list.
  • Click on “Add and Exit” if you want to exit after adding the current transition, or click “Add Transition” to add another transition.
  • The Status(es) are added to the process flow list for the selected Work Item.

To assign a default user, simply click the drop-down list adjacent to the “Transition Name” field and select the desired user. By doing so, the item will be automatically assigned whenever there is a status change. Additionally, auto assigners can be configured and defined from the process flow list.


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