New Project Defaults

Description Templates


Description Templates empower users to define the content, format, and structure of any work item description field. This functionality enables organizations to standardize the appearance and content of each work item, ensuring consistency across the board.

Under “Admin > New Project Defaults > Description Template” you can define the default Description Template for each work item. Any changes made here won’t impact existing projects but will serve as the default Description Template for new projects. To update existing projects with these changes, you can utilize the Import/Export utility to incorporate the default template into them.


When a user creates any new work Item, the default description content will be taken from the defined Description Templates.

There are two places where you can define the work item description template:

  • Admin > New Project Defaults >Description Templates: Specify the Description Template of selected work item whenever you create a new project.
  • Admin >Projects & Solutions > Projects/Solutions > Description Templates Tab: Specify the Description Template for the selected work items for the existing projects.


You can also include dynamic Fields in the template


User can follow simple steps to define a Description Template:

  • Select New Project Defaults under Admin and select Description Template.
  • Description details page will be displayed.
  • Select Work item from the work item type drop-down list. 
  • Enter the default description data into the Description box.
  • Press Save Button.
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