This REST API helps to add the Relation/Traceability between the items using the original work item code.

Method: POST


Authorization: Basic Auth token in the Request Headers

Post Body

Key Value Is Mandatory? Description
SourceIdKeys String Yes Enter Source id key like DMS-23175
TargetIdKeys String Yes Enter Target id key like CR-30829
RelationType String No Enter Relation Type
Comments String No Enter Comments which you want to add

Make sure to input the Original code of the work item, not the custom code.

Like, In ECO-30829, ECO is the custom code and CR its original code so you need to enter CR here.


Orcanos Output class:

       "IsSuccess": true,
       "Data": "Relation added successfully.",  ---> Success message
       "Message": "",
      "HttpCode": 200

IsSuccess: if successful then true else false

Data: JSON object. Status Ok if the relation is added successfully.

Message: Error message in case IsSuccess is false

HttpCode: Response HttpCode

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