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Fix the Sharepoint or other External Connection Files or Old Office Format Files added in DMS Revision section


During the transformation from existing system such as Sharepoint, Google Drive, DropBox, Old Office Format files or other, there are cases where the files contains connection strings to that system. In that case Orcanos system is not able to complete the document routing process and failed in the process.

In case users do not Save As the document properly and they rename the document and change the file extension in the same place, which can create an issue when signing the documents in DMS items. Sometimes, the Files downloaded from Sharepoint can have issue. So to prevent this issue, we need to be careful while saving the document.


  • Open the word document
  • Click on Home Menu and select  Save As option from there.
  • Rename the document and change the extension of the file which you want from the list.
  • Click on Save.

You can do the same for other file types like Powerpoint, Excel files.


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