Service Center

Service Center Overview

Orcanos Service Center is a web-based module that reduces the workload of the customer service and ensures a faster and quality service. Using this, you can log and monitor the service calls. You can also provide advanced communication tools and process automation tools such as dynamic workflows. Orcanos provides you with the ability to organize, prioritize, track, and resolve tickets more efficiently and from one location. The service center module can also function as a standalone system.

With Orcanos Service Center you can track the Online-chat conversations which are logged into Orcanos database, thus allowing you to know who else has been working on a ticket and what are the decisions made. It also helps you to prioritize the tickets. Using Orcanos the lifecycle of a ticket right from when it is created through to closure can be tracked. Orcanos Service Center offers an intuitive interface, advanced ways of handling SLAs, customizable team queues, real-time reporting, and more. This module provides a modern and flexible service center experience that streamlines customer requests and boosts your IT team’s efficiency.


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