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Self Registration

ORCANOS has now given the Power to customers to do the registration to the Orcanos Service Center on their own. Creating Customers for the Company took time for the management and also the customer has to wait. Now the customer can have instant access without any approval.

Self Registration just requires the URL with the Customer ID then the user will get the form to fill. After Filling this form, the user will get the automatic welcome mail and the user can access the Orcanos Service Center.

Customer with the Admin Access has the Privileges to configure the Default Group and License that will be automatically assigned whenever the new user gets registered. This helps to have the Access control for all the registered users.

  • Select Admin > System Configuration > System Settings
  • Select the Self Registration Section

Default License Type: Admin can control the access rights of newly registered users by defining the License Type.

If the Admin does not want the user to login just after the Self Registration, then the Default License Type can be defined as Not Active.

Default Group: Admin can control the Add/Edit/Delete Work Item Permissions by defining the Group for the newly registered users.

Default Project: Service Center is default Project Selected and is non-editable.


  • Select the Service Center Icon from Main Menu Icon
  • Select the Customer from Left Navigation
  • Customer General Information Details is displayed
  • Click on the Get Self Registration Link Icon. User will get the message “Self Registration URL was copied successfully to your clipboard.”
  • Now open a new TAB and paste the URL
  • User will get the Form to fill the details

In order to Register to the Orcanos Service Center, From the Orcanos live Chat please refer to Orcanos support team and request access to Orcanos service center. As response you will be getting a link to perform Self Registration process.


Here is the list of the Fields which the customer needs to fill during the Registration. Customer needs to input all the details to make the registration successful.

1. First Name: Input the customer First Name

2. Last Name: Input the Customer Last Name

3. User Name: Input the name that will be used in order to log in

4. Password: Input the password that matches the Password constraint. In case, Password does not meet the constraint, System will display the message

5. Retype Password: Input the same Password Again

6. Phone Number (Optional): Input the Phone number

7. Email: Input the valid e-mail. Customer will get the welcome mail on successful registration

8. Customer ID: This field will have the Prefilled ID. Customer cannot update it

9. Code: Input the Correct Captcha to verify the human identification

After Successful Registration, User can add new Service Calls

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