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How To Report New Service Call to ORCANOS Service Center

Hello and welcome to the ORCANOS Service Center, the place where you can learn more about ORCANOS | ALM, ask questions if you’re having trouble. We’ll do our best to help you find what you’re looking for!

In order to report a new service call to Orcanos support team you need to be validated on the following:

  1. Being a customer of Orcanos
  2. Have credentials to login to Orcanos Service Center system.

From the Orcanos live Chat please refer to Orcanos support team and request access to Orcanos service center. As response you will be getting a link to perform Self Registration process. Check here to perform Self Registration.

Upon successful completion of the self registration process you will be notified by email with your credential to access the Orcanos Service Center system.

In order to report a new service call, Login using the credential you received from ORCANOS teamAs an ORCANOS customer, you can report Service Call tickets on problems/question/requests you encounter


  • Login to ORCANOS Service Center following this link:


  • Click on User Profile Icon at the Top Right Side of the Screen
  • Select the Add a Ticket option

It will redirect to the following Orcanos login page link to access ORCANOS support service center 

  1. Login with the Credentials provided on Self Registration on Orcanos Service Center
  2. Select the Work Items from Main Menu
  3. For the Service Center Project, Select the Service Call work item
  4. Click the Add Icon at the Bottom of the Page
  5.  The Service Call Information page is displayed.
  6. Input data in the fields and Click Save to create the Service Call

Here is the list of the fields which you have to input while adding a new Service Call

  1. Case Synopsis: A brief description of the Problem
  2. How critical is it?: Tells how much this problem impacts your work
  3. Feature: Describes to which section of system your problem is related to
  4. Category: Tells the type of your problem
  5. SC Report Initiator: In case you report this case in the name of another user please provide us Name, Email, Phone to allow us to contact them directly.
  6. ORCANOS | WEB Version: The build version of the system on which Problem occurs
  7. Description: Give the details of the Problem. The Details should include the proper steps along with the image if required. The User can add an Image of the Screen in the Description area directly by clicking on Image Icon from the Editor Toolbar section

In order to tell or describe more about your existing Problem, you can select Discussion Tab

Here you can communicate with ORCANOS Team. The Editor supports the text, table and Images. Use these to describe more about your problem, if required after you add the Service Call.

Avoid making changes in the Service Call Description area. Use the Discussion area to do so.

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