Work Item Tab

Work Item Section : Steps


Steps tab displays in the Test case work item. It allows the user to add the test case steps using Add icon and also directly by entering the Description and Expected Results. This tab option is available for Test Case work item only and the steps will be displayed during test execution in the Run window.


  • Actions:
    • Save : Allows to save the step
    • Edit: Update the step details
    • Delete: Delete the step
    • Move Up: Move the step 1 position above
    • Move Down: Move the step 1 position below
    • Add After: Add a new step after the existing step
    • Add Before: Add a new step before the existing step
  • Step No. : It denotes the step no. (read only)
  • Description : Used for detailed step’s description
  • Expected Result : Used for details on the expected result of the test step
  • Lower Limit : Measure value for the Lowest acceptable value of a certain range
  • Upper Limit : Measure value for Highest acceptable value of a certain range
  • More Actions:
    • Copy Steps: Coping the selected steps
    • Delete Steps: Deleting the selected steps
    • Paste Steps : Pasting the copied steps in same or another test case.
    • Hide System Fields : Hiding the system fields such as Created By, Created Date, Updated By and Updated Date
    • Excel Export : Exporting Selected or All steps into Excel file.
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