Work Items

Work Item Section: Discussion Tab


Manage Discussion on work items, includes instant messaging.


  • Select the required item from the product tree
  • Select the Discussion tab
  •  Enter the required comments in the Description section
  • Click Send(Public) or Send(Internal).
    • Send (Public): Visible to both Company users(e.g Orcanos) and External Users
    • Send (Internal): Visible to only Company users.

The Users who get the mail depend on the Email Notification. For more details, please refer to the Post:

In case, users needs to be intimated for every discussion added on the Work Item Type then the Notifiers are defined in the Admin >  Email Notifications

In case, user needs to be intimated for one or two items i.e Specific items only then the user can Subscribe to get all the Public Discussions. The Subscribers would not receive the Internal Discussions.

Send(Public): The Users mentioned in Email Notification and Subscribers would get the Mail on add Discussion

Send(Internal): Only the users mentioned in Email Notification would get the Mail on add Discussion

How to Subscribe the Users

Click on the Subscription Icon on the Work Item Details Page

Input the Email Id (Email Address should be registered ID) in the Subscription pop-up

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