Work Items

Work Item Section : Attachments Tab


The attachments tab allows the user to add attachments/URLs using drag and drop and also via File Select. It displays attachment details along with actions to perform Download, Edit Description, and Delete.

User can upload attachment upto 200 MB size


  • Actions:
    • Download: To download the attached file in the same format. For PDF files, 2 additional options are available
      • View PDF: To view PDF File in a new tab
      • Download PDF: To download PDF File
    • Delete: Delete the Attached file
    • Edit Description: Update the Description
  • Name: Attached File Name suffixed with the File extension
  • Description: Attached File Description with the defined length.
  • Formatting of the text tends to reduce the defined Description length. Make sure to remove the Formatting by Copying the data in Notepad and Paste it in the Attachment Description
  • Created Date: The Date on which attachment is added
  • Type: The File Attached is of Type Attachment or its a URL
  • Updated Date: The Date on which the Attachment description is last updated

Add Attachment Permission

Delete Attachment Permission

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