Add and Manage Group


Groups in Orcanos enable you to group users who perform a similar kind of function. The Group comprises a set of permissions and rules that are applicable to all the users who belong to the group. The users in Orcanos are connected to the groups and also connected to projects through the specific groups. A single user may be connected to more than one group and a group may have more than one user associated with it. A group can also be related to more than one project.


To add a Group, follow simple steps as below:

  • Select the Groups in Admin under Users & Groups Section.
  • Click on the Add button icon. The Add Group pop-up window is displayed with the Name Field.
  • Enter the name of the group in the Name field.
  • Click Save button.

Group is added and the Group detail page is displayed with the following tabs:

  • Details
  • Work Item Permissions
  • Users
  • Projects


This tab displays by default and include the details about the group like name and group ID.


It defines permissions for each work item type in Orcanos.

  • Select the required work item from the work item type dropdown list.
  • The list of permissions for the selected work item is displayed with Show/Hide checkbox.
  • Select the Show/Hide checkbox corresponding to the required permission.
  • The Permissions common for all work item types are listed under General (the first option in the work item selection list)
  • Permission Selections common for all work item types:
    • Change all to Read only: Unselect all the checkboxes for all work item types.
    • Change all to Read and write: Select all the checkboxes for all work item types.


The Users tab lists all the users related to the Group. Admin can add the Users using the Add Users button.


The Projects tab lists all active/inactive projects to which the group is associated with.


Group Listing page is displayed with the following columns in table listing:

  • Action: This column contains the following actions:
    • View: Opens the selected Group Details Page
    • Clone: Creates a clone(copy) of the selected Group
    • Edit Group: Allows to Edit the Group Name on Edit Group pop-up.
    • Add Users: Allows to add users to the selected group
    • Remove: Delete the selected Group
  • Name: This column shows all Group names.
  • Users: This column shows all usernames with a hyperlink related to the corresponding group.
  • Projects: This column shows all the Project’s name with the hyperlink related to the corresponding group.

Show Active Users checkbox allows to hide Pending & Suspended users listed in the Users column.

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