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Cover Letter


The cover letter in Orcanos provides complete details about the process. This is generated during each stage of the process.


  • When the Start Routing process is initialized, the status of the Routing State is changed from “Draft” to “In Work” and the cover letter is generated in the Revision section.
  • The cover letter provides the following information such as:
    • Doc No.: Displays the DMS ID.
    • Revision: Displays the revision Number
    • Approved Date: Displays the latest Approved date.
    • File Name: Displays the Name of the File.
    • Routing State: Displays the routing state like, In Work/Cancel/Reject/Approved.
    • Approvals: Displays the information like Job Title, Approved By, Quality Role, Date & Time, Signature Status, Comment in the grid format.
    • Change Revision History: Displays the information like, Revision, Chg.#, Date, Change Description in the grid format.
    • The path where the file is located in the product tree.
  • If the Routing Process is:
    • Canceled, Routing State is marked as “Cancel”.
    • Rejected, Routing State is marked as “Reject”.
    • Approved, Routing State is marked as “Approved”.
    • Obsolete, Routing State is marked as “Obsolete“.

Note: Cover Letter displayed only for DMS Item on every state. For other Work items, it shows after Approved/Reject/Obsoleet the Work Item.

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