System Configuration

Email Setup


The Email Setup section in Orcanos enables you to define the Email Notification Settings.

Select Email Setup from Admin in System Configuration section. The Email Setup Page with the Email Notification Settings are displayed

In case user does not get any Emails from Orcanos System, we should check here

Click on “Test Email Settings” Button.

In case the user gets an error message. Connect with the IT Team to fix the Email Settings defined on this Page


On the Email Setup details page, there are 2 sections:

General Settings
  • Enable Emailing – Selecting the checkbox enables Email notifications to be sent.
  • Enable Log – Selecting the checkbox enables the Admin to see the logs of the Emails. If the Email fails to send, you can go over to Help and select Email Log File to see the details of failure.
  • Custom Settings – Enable this option, if you wish to set customized configuration, in case you like to use your own SMTP to send emails
    • SMTP Server IP – The IP address of the SMTP server that is configured.
    • SMTP Server Port – The port used by the SMTP server.
    • Email – The source from where the Email was received.
    • Password – The password to access the support Email.
    • Support Email – The Email address of the Orcanos support team.
    • Use SSL/Use TLS – Selecting the checkboxes indicates whether to use the TLS Protocol or SSL Protocol. User can only select one Protocol.
Email Notification Hyperlink

These are links that appear in notification Emails from Orcanos.

  • User External IP For mails – It is disabled by default. Selecting this checkbox enables the use of External IP and Port for the Emails.
  • External IP – The external IP address used in the Email.
  • External Port – The external port number used in the Email.
  • Virtual Directory – The Virtual Directory or Sever Name Used in Email.

If you are using port in your IIS – you must fill the External IP and External Port

  • Click Test Email Settings to verify if the Email settings are done correctly. On success, “Testing done successfully” message is displayed.
  • Click Save to save the Email settings.
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