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Import Field Value to Another Field

Sometimes, the user wants to put the values from an existing field into a newly created field.

Using the import feature, the user can input values easily. . This feature is fully automated and requires no human intervention.


  • Create a filter on the Work Item page with the Item Key field and an Existing field, whose data the user wants to move to another field
  • Select Export Entire Result Set > Comma Separated Values option from the More Actions icon.
  • Create a new ImportSetup
    • Select the Exported CSV File
    • Do not select the checkbox for Import from External System
    • Map the External Unique Identifier with the Key Field
    • Map the Existing Field with the newly created Field in Orcanos
    • Now Import the Field values
    • On Import Page, click the Update icon to update the Field values one by one

We can move same field type values to another same field types

Please refer this video to understand the process in detail:

  • We cannot move the text field values to Text Combo Box, and Multi-Select Box
  • We cannot move Rich Editor Field values to any other Field type

Work Items Actions:Export Entire Result Set

Add New Import Setup and Import Work Items to Orcanos

Import Work Items

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