Training Management

Lists the Training Tasks for the selected User(Trainee)


Users can list all the associated Training Tasks available for them. Users can create a Filter in Training Task and embed the same in the Users Profile so it will be available to them.


To create a filter to lists the Training Task, the user has to follow simple steps

  • Select the Training Management Project
  • On the Work items grid, select the Training Task work item on the left pane
  • Click on the Create link. Manage Filter page gets opened. Enter the details below
    • Project : Select Training Management
    • Filter Name : Enter name like ‘{Embed Filter} Training Management – Employee Training Records
    • Filter For : Select the radio button for
    • Fields : Select the Fields you want to display
    • Specify Criteria : Make sure to select ‘In Pool‘ is ‘Yes‘. (Lists all pool items)
    • In advance tab, add the user defined criteria as “Assigned_to=(select O3.Assigned_to from objects O3 where id=[$ME])”
  • Save the Filter.

In the work item grid, it would list all the training tasks for all the users


To embed a filter in the User Profile, the user has to follow simple steps

  • Create a User Profile for the User A
  • Click on the Edit icon corresponding to the description section to open description in edit mode
  • Click Embed Filters button on the description editor toolbar
  • In the pop-up screen, select the Project as Training Management, Work Item as Training Task and filter as {Embed Filter} Training Management – Employee Training Records
  • Now you can see the filter name with an anchor in the description area
  • Save the Description

Click on Show button, to see the Embed Filter Details. It would list the training tasks associated to User A

You can update this Embed Filter in your Admin Templates

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