Document Control

Obsolete Items


Obsolete items are those which are not needed in the application and can be discarded. Users can obsolete any item by following simple steps.


To Obsolete the item, User has to sign and Approve it.

The obsolete option is available only for Approved Items i.e Routing State should be Approved

  • Select the Approved DMS Items or any work Item whose Routing State is Approved
  • Select Obsolete Item option from the More Actions displayed on the top right side of Item Details Page
  • The Obsolete Document pop-up gets displayed
  • Select the routing process, signers, and click on Start Button
  • Perform the Signing and Approve it.

In case user Reject or cancel the Obsolete Routing Process, the Item previous Routing state is restored. No changes will be done.

  • On Approving the Obsolete Routing Process, the Routing State gets changed to Obsolete

Obsolete Item gets freezed. User cannot edit the Item anymore.

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