This Web Service helps to Add any type of work item(Defect not included)



User should need to enter the values in the fields like,

Key Value Is Mandatory? Description
User_Name String Yes Enter valid username
User_Password String Yes Enter valid password
Project_ID Int Yes Enter project id like 78
Major_Version Int Yes Enter the major version of the project like 1
Minor_Version Int Yes Enter the minor version of the project like 0
Object_Name String Yes Enter object name which you want to add
Object_Type String Yes Enter object type which you want to add like DMS Folder
Release_Version String No Enter release version of the project if any
Build_Version String No Enter build version of the project if any
Description String No Enter the description of the item which you want
Parent_ID String Yes Enter parent id where you want to add object like, 17897
Assigned_to String No Enter Assigned to value
Created_date String No Its default
Created_by String No Its default
Category String No Enter category value
Status String No Enter status value
Priority String No Enter priority
Start_Date String No Enter start date
Effort_Estimation String No Enter Effort Estimation
Due_date String No Enter due date
CS1_Name to CS60_Name String No Enter The NAME of the first custom field of the item.
CS1_value to CS60_value String No The value of this field. If Combobox – value must exist in Orcanos
Insert_to_Pool String No Default is Tree View. If yes then 1 otherize 0
Migration_Reference String No You can add a reference string for the specific migrated item or batch of items
External_ID String No The ID of the item from the 3rd party system
Customer_ID String No If service calls then enter the customer ID
Site_ID String No If service call then enter site ID related to the customer
SkipIfNameExists String No Skip if the name exists in 1/o

When invoke the Web Service, it will return results in the below format if details are correct:

<object>object id</object>

Newly created object id will be displayed here

For Example:

And, if details are wrong then, it will give an error message:
For Example:
<ErrorInfo>Email / User Name or password are incorrect </ErrorInfo>
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