This SOAP web service helps to Authenticate Orcanos and get all user information.

To test the operation using the HTTP POST protocol, click the ‘Invoke’ button.

Web Service URL:


Parameter Value Description
User_Name: String Orcanos user name
User_Password: String Orcanos user password


When invoke the Web Service, it will return results in the below format if details are correct:


<projects>XML Data</projects>


Once the user login, you get XML with the list of available item types for the selected project (in QW_Login response).

For Example:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Available projects

You can build a list of projects and versions based on QW_Login in the following way, using the XML tag value of “list_label” :

Select work item (form)

Based on the selected project, you can take the relevant work items

Item Type tag description

  • code – internal system code for work item
  • label – the description of work item – what user sees
  • permission
    • D – delete
    • U – update
    • A – add

And, if details are wrong then, it will give an error message:
For Example:
<ErrorInfo>Email / User Name or password are incorrect</ErrorInfo>
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