This Web service helps to update the work item details(Defect is not included)


  • The fields that are not updated should be left blank
  • Make sure to input values in the correct format. If the item is of the type combo box, you should put the value caption (what users see and not code)
  • Note date format constraints
  • Mandatory fields are marked in red



User should need to enter the values in the fields like,

Key Value Is Mandatory? Description
User_Name String Yes Enter valid username
User_Password String Yes Enter valid password
Object_ID Int Yes Enter object id like 2178 which you want to update
View_Version String Yes The version number of the item. it’s the number that appears in the URL when you select an item, or in the tree view mode. For example:
Make_Branch String Yes If an item was created in the lower version, and the selected view version is higher, this option will branch the item. If not – it will save changes to the previous view1 – create branch0 – don’t create a branch
Object_Name String Yes Enter object name which you want to add
Description String No Enter the description of the item which you want
Release_Version String No Enter release version of the project if any
Build_Version String No Enter build version of the project if any
Assigned_to String No Enter Assigned to value
Category String No Enter category value
Status String No Enter status value
Priority String No Enter priority
Start_Date String No Enter start date
Effort_Estimation String No Enter Effort Estimation, floating number
Due_date String No Enter due date
Updated_Date String Default is now
Updated_By String Default is authenticated, user
CS1_Name to CS60_Name String No Enter The NAME of the first custom field of the item.
CS1_value to CS60_value String No The value of this field. If Combobox – value must exist in Orcanos
Customer_ID String No If service calls then enter the customer ID
Site_ID String No If service call then enter site ID related to the customer

When invoke the Web Service, it will return results in the below format if details are correct:

<object>object id</object>

Updated object id will be displayed here

For Example:

And, if details are wrong then, it will give an error message:
For Example:
<ErrorInfo>Email / User Name or password are incorrect </ErrorInfo>
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