Requirements Management

Orcanos provides a powerful requirement management tool that allows you to manage and control any type of requirement

We recommend to build requirements hierarchically, in a form of a document. You can later on generate these documents to Word, PDF, HTML…

Follow Orcanos quick walk-through to learn how to structure your document.

Use the Document work item to represent your document

Use Heading work item for document textual paragraph (non-traceable, such as overview, Description…)

Use the variety of requirements-work-items-types (Software, Hardware, Mechanical, System, Product….) to build multiple requirements documents

We recommend to build separate document for each requirement type (i.e. Software requirements document, System requirements Document…)

Use the traceability feature (Tree view toolbar->Tracing Mode) to link requirements

Note: For best traceability reports – link low-level to high level, i.e. software requirement will point system requirement

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