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System Field – Employee Manager


Orcanos system field Employee Manager is managed based on the Employee Manager defined for the User in User Details Page.

It is helpful when a manager wants to list the records of his/her team.

Employee Manager Field is a read only field. User cannot edit or input data in this field

This field is automatically updated based on the field value – Assigned To 

User can create views based on the filter, or show this field in view results. For example, the user can create an alert that is generated once a day that lists all the tasks done by my team.

This field can be displayed in Dashboard charts


Here is a list of work items that are assigned to User A, B, C, D in Orcanos System

Employee Manager for users A,B and D is X whereas Employee Manager for user C is Y

Manager X can created a view to list all the items assigned to his/her team using the specify criteria Employee Manager is X 

Result: All work items assigned to users A, B, D gets listed

Use Specify Criteria Employee Manager is (logged user) to create a general filter to be used by all managers in the company


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