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System Field – Root Document ID


Orcanos system field Root Document Id refers to the Parent DOC Work Item’s ID.

Root Document Id Field is read only. User cannot edit or input data in this field

This field is automatically updated based on the Parent Document work item.

User can create filter based on the field, or show this field in filter results. For example, the user can create an alert that is generated once a day that lists all the items related to the specific Root Document ID. This field can be shown in Dashboard charts


Document A(DOC-xxxx) had sub child Child A, Child B, Child C and so on. The Sub child can be of different work item types.

So, The Root Document Id of sub child Child A, Child B, Child C and so on will be xxxx i.e Document A’s work Item ID.

Root Document Id is not available for Defects. 


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