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System Field – Coverage Completion % of traced items


The ‘Coverage Completion %’ (Related Items Completion %) is a system field.

It shows the percentage of a completion of a specific item, by calculating the number of completed traced items (source) divided by total traced items (source).

This field is updated on any event that affects the calculation, such as:

  • Add new relation
  • Change relation direction
  • Delete relation
  • Change related item status
  • Delete item.

Calculation is only done for related items that are pointing to the selected item (related items are source, selected item is target)

User can Create reports based on this filter, or show this field in Filter Results.

For example, create an alert that is generated once a day, and will display a list of Software Requirements where Coverage Completion % = 100. It will send a list of completed software requirements on a daily basis.

This field can be sued in Dashboard charts and Traceability Reports


SR-1222 has 3 source Test Cases related to it which are completed and 7 active test cases (In other statuses):

The display in the field will be 30,  Coverage Completion % = 30


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