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System Field – Completion Date

The Completion Date field is a system field, it shows the completion date only for items whose status is marked as Complete

Set the Item Status as Complete from Item’s Status System Table

Users can create special reports based on the filter, or show this field in report results.

For example:

Create an alert that is generated once a day that will display a list of Software Requirements where the Completion Date is not empty.

This alert will send users a list of all completed software requirements on a daily basis.

This field can be used in Dashboard charts displaying work items ordered by their status.


  • In Software Requirement  the following statuses are marked as ‘Complete’:  Closed, Rejected.
  • The rest of the existing statuses are marked as “Active”: New, Assigned

Based on the above indications, the Completion Date field will display different data

  • On the Work Item: SR-1222, with the status Closed, the completion date will display the date on which the status was marked as Closed.
  • On the Work Item SR-1333 with the status New, the completion date will be blank.

what is Active/Complete status

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