Work Item: More Actions

Work Items Actions: Email current page


Email current page option allows the user to email the current page records to the selected users in the Email list. User can add remarks also.


In order to Email current page records, follow these steps:

  • Select the Work Items Icon from Main Menu
  • Select the Required Work Item
  • Select a filter from the Filter selection list
  • Select the Single/multiple Items by checking the Checkbox in the Work Item Grid
  • Select the Email current page option from More Actions Icon
  • Enter the user’s Email id (user can add many user ids separated by comma) in the Email list.
  • User can enter Remarks and select the Include Item URL checkbox if want to see the item URL in the Grid list
  • Click on Save.

Email is delivered to all the Email list users with the subject line “User name wants to share Filter Name

The list of records received by the Users can be customized by Editing the View. Max 100 records on the Page can be send to Email list users


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