This Web service helps to get the work item Form Layout Structure, including fields, field type, sections, etc.

Web Service URL:


Parameter Value Is Mandatory? Description
User_Name String Yes Enter the valid username
User_Password String Yes Enter the valid password
Item_id Int Yes Enter item id of test case like 48650
Item_Type String Yes Enter the item type of item ike HLD (you can check the original code of the item from item URL or from admin> customization> work item)
Project_id Int Yes Enter project id like 2520



When invoke the Web Service, it will return results in the below format if details are correct:


This web service returns an XML with the work item structure, including field names, list views values, order, mandatory rules, sections, tooltips, etc.

For Example:

<object id="48650" type="HLD" customPrefix="SysRS" mass_ForceBranch="0" isBaseVersion="0" isPool="0" allow_branch="0" force_branch="0" is_release_checkout="0" obj_version="">
<item ID="80" section_name="Description" section_order="1"/>
<field name="Obj_name" type="text" max_length="255" tooltip="<p>Apart from counting words and characters, our online editor can help you to improve word choice</p> " title="Name" default_title="Name" ws_add_col_name="Object_Name" ws_edit_col_name="Object_Name" web_order="1" is_mandatory="0" mandatory_value="" dependent_field_name="" dependent_mandatory_value="" section="">SYS</field>
<field name="Obj_status" type="combobox" max_length="0" tooltip="<p>enter status</p> " title="Status" default_title="Status" ws_add_col_name="Status" ws_edit_col_name="Status" web_order="2" Reference_table="REF_HLD_STATUS" is_mandatory="0" mandatory_value="" dependent_field_name="" dependent_mandatory_value="" section="">
<val code="INPROCESS" label="In Progress" auto_assign="" auto_assign_id=""/>
<val code="OPEN" label="New" auto_assign="Not Assigned" auto_assign_id="4"/>
And, if details are wrong then, it will give an error message:
For Example:
<ErrorInfo>Email / User Name or password are missing</ErrorInfo> <ErrorTrace>QM_Get_Item_Add_Edit</ErrorTrace>
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