This Web service helps to get the details of updations date for all the items on the specified date

Web Service URL:


Parameter Value Is Mandatory? Description
User_Name String Yes Enter the valid username
User_Password String Yes Enter the valid password
Obj_type String Yes Enter object type like HLD (original code of the work item not customized)
Last_Date String Yes Enter the last date of the work item for which you want details
VersionID Int Yes Enter version id of the project like 1297(given in project url)



When invoke the Web Service, it will return results in the below format if details are correct:


All dates with time will be displayed for work item when the item is updated for specified date

For Example:

<val id="37387" ver_id="1297" obj_type_code="HLD" obj_type_desc="System Requirement" updated_date="1/22/2021 10:30:30 AM"/>
<val id="37388" ver_id="1297" obj_type_code="HLD" obj_type_desc="System Requirement" updated_date="1/22/2021 10:30:41 AM"/>
<val id="37390" ver_id="1297" obj_type_code="HLD" obj_type_desc="System Requirement" updated_date="1/22/2021 10:31:04 AM"/>
<val id="37389" ver_id="1297" obj_type_code="HLD" obj_type_desc="System Requirement" updated_date="1/22/2021 10:30:52 AM"/>
<val id="48650" ver_id="1297" obj_type_code="HLD" obj_type_desc="System Requirement" updated_date="10/12/2021 12:17:15 PM"/>
And, if details are wrong then, it will give an error message:
For Example:
<ErrorInfo>Email / User Name or password are missing</ErrorInfo> <ErrorTrace>QW_Get_Updated_Items_List_By_Date</ErrorTrace>
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