Work Items

Work Item Section: Traceability Tab


Traceability allows to manage relations between work items across Projects (Traceability).

The user can add new relations using the Create or Create & Exit button at the bottom of the Page.


Action column – Change Relations Direction, Delete Relation, Update Relation Comment

Direction – Green means the selected item is the source. Red means the selected item is the target

Project –  Related Item Project Name

Link – Link Type Name selected during Add Traceability

Key – Related Item Key. If the item is located in a tree – the user can locate the item on the tree. In any case, clicking on the item key hyperlink will open the item in view mode

Name – Related Item Name. Number in () denotes the Revision no.# at which the trace is added. For E.g. if the traceability between the source and target is added and recorded in history at #7 then in the Name it will show (6).

Updated Date – Last Updated Date of the Related Item

Status – Related Item Status

Comment – Comment text added during Add Traceability

Locked Indication – Related Item Project Version Status

Note: Some Related items (links can be presented in a grey color, it means that these items belong to other views)

Users can choose the option to list the Links related to the current Project or all by checking/unchecking the checkbox ” Show only links from current view

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