Work Item: More Actions

Work Items Actions: Multi E-Sign


Multi E-Sign option allows the user to perform signing of multiple items at one time.

User needs to select only those Items for which Routing Process has started i.e. IN WORK.

  • Select the Work Items icon from the Main Menu
  • Select the Required Work Item on the left side pain
  • Select a filter to get the relevant items
  • Select the Single/multiple Items by checking the Checkbox in the Work Item Grid (Items having Routing State – In work).
  • Click the Multi E-Sign icon from the top toolbar

  • A pop-up window appears, select Ok to start the signing process.
  • The e-Sign form screen gets opened in a new tab.

Multi E-sign does not allow to sign Items belonging to different Status & Projects.

Multi E-Sign option is not available for Defects and DMS Items without Revision or Revision which is marked Protected.

Users with Viewer license shall not be able to see the Multi E-Sign option


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